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Family Line of James Ruggles

A MOVE TO KENTUCKY - Sources from
This James Ruggles, my great, great, great, granddad, son of the original James Ruggles from England, married a woman about 1784-1785 and had one
child named Michael, born in MD. His first wife died shortly thereafter and
he married Elizabeth Hardin (or Harding) about 1795, shortly before the move
to Kentucky.

Their Move to Kentucky
Frederick County, MD, records show that James Ruggles reported custody of a
stray cow on December 7th, 1767. In 1777, James Ruggles (Roughless) is
listed in the Lower Newfoundland Hundred list when Montgomery County, MD was
being formed. On February 1778, James Ruggles swore an Oath of Allegiance
to Maryland before the honorable Edward Burgess. On their journey to
Kentucky in the 1790's, they went first to Cumberland, MD by way of a trail
surveyed and used by George Washington. The trail was originally called the
"Pioneer's Trail" and later called the Washington and Old Dominion Trail
(which still exists today as a bike and hiking trail which I use). The
trail and later road went from Maryland near today's U.S. 50, through parts
of current, Fairfax, Loudoun and Clarke County, VA, to Winchester, VA and
then over the Potomac River to Cumberland, Maryland, which served as a
staging ground for travel further west. In Montgomery County MD, Washington
County MD, and Monongalia County, VA (now West Virginia) and Cumberland MD,
James and Elizabeth Ruggles and children, traveled with or were neighbors
with the Freelands, Plummers, Voires/Vires/Vears, Swearingen, Hardin/Harding
and Wilson/Willson families. The people of the Ruggles families and these
families were married to each other in Maryland and later in Kentucky. From
the Cumberland, MD area they had two ways to go west. The National Road or
the Monongalia River to Pittsburgh on the Ohio River, then down the Ohio
River to Maysville, in Mason County, KY.

So the Ruggles brothers John B., William, James, and Thomas and their wives,
children and sisters moved into Northeastern KY along with the other
families mentioned, during 1792 to 1797. They were the first Ruggles to move to Kentucky.

James Ruggles married Mary

Children of James and Mary Ruggles:

James Ruggles b. 1760/61 - d. bef. 1850/57
     Married: Elizabeth Hardin
  • James and Elizabeth Carver Ruggles, their son Alfred, his son Everett, grandmother was Belva Ruggles who married Carl Bradley. (Source: Tina Bradley Hall)
John Brimmer Ruggles b. 1755 in Virginia - d. 1822 in Ohio

Thomas Ruggles b. 1756/58- d. 1800/09

William Isaac Ruggles b. abt. 1761 in Maryland - d. 1819 in Kentucky

Mary Ruggles b. 1767 - d. 1805 in Virginia

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Nellie May Ruggles and Her Sioux or Nez Perce Lineage

Buried in Woodland Park
with her husband Leonard
and their daughter Lois
Nellie May Ruggles 
Born: 18 May 1901 in Monford, OK 
Died: 14 Dec 1991 in Colorado Springs, CO. 

My Grandmother, Nellie May Ruggles, as I remember was a very loving Grandmother who cooked exceptional meals, made fresh bread everyday. She taught me and my siblings how to crochet and introduced me into the world of gardening. I grew up not knowing much else about her other than she had a lot of kids and grand-kids, loved her Irises that grew along the fence in her yard at her home in Florence and she worked hard to have what little she had.

On the horse: Standing is Lloyd,
Sitting front to back:
Lewis Buerl, Lois and Edna Owens

Nellie May Ruggles married Leonard Lawrence "Pug" Owens on November 4, 1922 in Lamar, Colorado. They had 8 kids: two boys and 6 girls: Lloyd, Edna, Lois, Lewis Buerl, Hazel, Elva, Donna and Roberta in this order. Lois would be the first of their children to pass away at the age of 5 years old that she is in the picture. The last four sisters never knew her or what she looked liked until the picture was discovered last year, 2013 after the death of sister Elva in February, 2013. Younger sisters, Hazel, Donna and Roberta are the only ones of the younger four sisters to see for the first time what their oldest sister Lois looked like before she passed. Sadly, Elva never got to view the picture on the right of her eldest sister.

Grandma Nellie didn't talk much about her childhood or her ancestry. Grandpa Leonard didn't like her talking about it nor did he share much of his own, out of fear. My Mother, Donna and her brother Lewis Buerl shared with us some of what they were told as children. It wasn't until Grandpa was too old and not in a state of mind that Grandma Nellie could no longer care for him that she felt comfortable enough to talk. Grandpa Leonard was living in the Florence, Colorado Nursing Home until his death in 1985.

My husband, Doug and I were living in Sierra Vista, Arizona in 1984 in the year Grandpa resided in the nursing home. Doug was in the Air Force and had been stationed at Ft. Huachuca. Our first born son, DJ, who was not even walking yet at this time, and I took an airplane ride to Colorado to visit my Mother and my Grandparents. I hadn't seen my Grandparents since I was 14 years old, around the time of Elvis' death. Mom had moved us to Arkansas. It had been 3 years since I had seen my own Mother since having married and moved to Japan to be with my husband. It was during this visit in 1984 when my Grandmother Nellie became excited and shared with me some of her family history.
George Barto Ruggles

I remember her running into her bedroom. She came back out with a shoe box and told me she wanted to show me some things. In her dining room, at the table that sits in my Mother's kitchen today, with a smile on her face and excitement in her voice, Grandmother Nellie showed me a picture of the man in the hat that was encased in a deteriorated oval glass. "This is my daddy! He was a medicine man. He is part Indian!  His people fought along side those who killed Custer." she said. I heard her mention "Sioux". "He and his brothers had a circus together and I grew up in a covered wagon." As she showed me her pictures I ran into the room where I slept and grabbed my camera to capture what was left of the image of her father. Now there are others in the family line who say they were told we are Sioux. None of us know for sure which we are other than what we were told and the information is conflicted.

George Barto Ruggles, a descendant of the Ruggles Line is also, according to Grandma's half sister, Mabel Mayo and Grandma's eldest daughter, Edna Owens - Farmer, a descendant of the Nez Perce Native American Tribe. Aunt Mabel said the leader of the tribe was called "Twisted Hair".
Nez Perce Chief  "Twisted Hair"
also called "Walammottinin"

Aunt Edna told me she once asked her mother about her childhood and thought she heard the name "Nez Perce" come from her mother's mouth but it was spoken so quickly and almost in a whisper as not to be heard, that she wasn't sure if she had heard her correctly. So, then she asked her Aunt Mabel who in turn told her Grandma Nellie and Grandma's brother George Carl, are part Nez Perce.


In front of the window: Nellie May Ruggles-Owens holding her first born Grandchild, Oldest daughter is Edna next to her son, being held by her Mother. Next daughter is Hazel, in the front is Elva in front of her mother and little sister Donna (my Mother) pushing Elva with her leg.)

It has been years since my Grandmother and I talked about her family and her childhood. Aunt Edna, who is now in her 80's, has shared with me what she was told of her mother's childhood.  I remember back to my conversation with Grandma Nellie with all the excitement, the information and the pictures I was looking at came and went so fast. The shock and surprise of it all was somewhat overwhelming at the time! It was something to see this aged gray-haired woman standing in her youth next to an old vehicle with long black hair and a shotgun in her hands. She looked stern and tough. I'm still looking for a family member who might have that particular picture. It was something to see!

Picture Below: Grandpa Leonard holding his youngest child, daughter Roberta. Tall man next to him is Lloyd. In front of Lloyd is Grandma Nellie. On Grandma's left is daughter Hazel. On Grandma's right is son, Lewis Buerl. In the front left is daughter Elva and on the left is daughter Donna with her hands over her face.)

 Several years ago my Mother, Donna announced that she had an original flyer of the Ruggles Circus. The "circus" was actually a Vaudville Show called "Ruggles Bros. Vaudville Co." I scanned in the two copies she had. These two pictures are the only piece of actual evidence this family business existed.

I've learned a lot about my Grandmother's origins from her Father's side. Although the hunt for the Circus life and the connection with the Ruggles Brothers still goes on. I have found through and the Census some informative information on them. Through searching the internet I have found Cousins from one of the Brothers my Great Grandfather George hung with as well as some amazing pictures that have been shared. 

From Stafford Co., Kansas Historic Museum we have learned information on the Eldest Ruggles Brother, Charles with documented history confirming a Native American Heritage. Check out my Ruggles Blog page on the Ruggles Brother's Family Line as I investigate more of my Family Heritage.                                                           

A few days ago while continuing the hunt for our missing connection to our Native American Ancestry, I was on via the Native American Collection I was searching through for any RUGGLES that might be listed, I found two sources under that name. 

The first source is a family that lived in Minnesota.
Tribes listed: Sull Lake Mississippi for the Mother: Flora Schneider Ruggles 
The other is: Gull Lake Miss. Chipp. Reservation is White Earth Mississippi in Minnesota / Both are Chippewa / dates are 1912 - 1937 / Names are: Ethel B Ruggles (born 1887 Head ( Mother), Stanley W Ruggles (son), Flora Schnieder Ruggles (Mother), Earl Pierrs Schnieder (son), Adelle Andrea Schnieder - daughter of Earl.
The second source is a woman named "Isabelle Young Ruggles" born in 1878. Her Tribe is listed as Oglala Sioux and that she is 1/4 Sioux, living at the Pine Ridge Reservation. Here are some of the Census on her. The first one shows an Isabella Young living on the Santee Indian Reservation in 1905 while the others are for the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation. The dates for all the Census at Pine Ridge I have obtained start at 1907 to 1937.

In tracing down information on Isabelle Ruggles, I was given the name of her spouse via the Santee Sioux Genealogy Facebook Group. Isabelle is married to a Wallace Spencer Ruggles who appears to be from the Northern Ruggles Line:

Isabelle Young
Born: 1878
Married: Wallace Spencer Ruggles
She is ¼ Oglala Sioux. Lived at the Pine Ridge Reservation from 1907-1937

Wallace Spencer RUGGLES
  • Born: 1 Mar 1882, Iowa, USA
  • Marriage (1): Isabel
  • Marriage (2): Lillian P.
  • Died: Dec 1969, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona at age 87
  • Spouses/Children:
1. Isabel
  • Mary RUGGLES - Born: 1909, Iowa,
  • Gladys RUGGLES
2. Lillian P. - born in Abt 1876 Ohio
Research Notes:
1910 > IOWA > WOODBURY > 1-WD SIOUX Series: T624 Roll: 429 Page: 62 RUGGLES WALLACE S 27 M W IA IA WOODBURY 1-WD SIOUX 1910

Dwelling # 227 (living with Martin W. Metz and wife Anna M.) Wallace S. Ruggles, head, age 27, married 5 years, born IA, parents born WI, farmer Isabel, wife, age 26, married 5 years, mother of 2 children, 1 living, born SD, father France, mother SD ???? maybe W or M insha?, daughter, age 1, born IA

1920 > SOUTH DAKOTA > WASHABAUGH > TWP 40 N RANGE 34 W Series: T625 Roll: 1726 Page: 31 RUGGLES WALLACE S 37 M W IA SD WASHABAUGH TWP 40 N RANGE 34 W 1920 Dwelling # 5 Wallace S. Ruggles, head, age 37, born IA, parents born NY, farmer Isabel, wife, age 40, born SD, father France, mother SD Gladys, daughter, age 5, born SD Donald Jackson, hired man, age 17, born IA Frank M. Widner?, boarder, age 19, born IA

1930 United States Federal Census > South Dakota > Washabaugh > Township 40 > District 2 Wallace S. Ruggles, head, owns farm, has radio, age 48, married at age 23, born IA, parents born NY, farmer Lillian P., wife, age 54, married at age 15, born OH, parents born England Gladys, daughter, age 15, born SD, father born IA, mother OH Lucille Frailey age 18, boarder, teacher Joseph Greenman age 20, farm laborer Evert Stannard age 32, farm laborer

I double checked these censuses and ages are correct. Either Isabel died in child birth or Gladys possibly belongs to Lillian.

Social Security Death Index about Wallace Ruggles Name: Wallace Ruggles SSN: 504-52-8403 Last Residence: 85016 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States of America Born: 1 Mar 1882 Died: Dec 1969 State (Year) SSN issued: South Dakota (1962 )

  • Born: 23 Apr 1838, Broome County, New York
  • Marriage: Elizabeth A. KELSO in 1867
  • Died: 7 Jan 1907, Rockford, Floyd, Iowa at age 68
  • Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Rockford, Floyd, Iowa
  • Spouses/Children:
    • Elizabeth A. KELSO
    • Almira Aka Myra RUGGLES+
    • Cora RUGGLES+
    • Grace RUGGLES+
    • Robert Gary RUGGLES
    • Helen R. RUGGLES+
    • Wallace Spencer RUGGLES+
    • Stanley Leon RUGGLES
    • Shelby RUGGLES+
  • Research Notes:
  • ary.pd f Ogden M. Ruggles united with the Cong. Church of Ripon in March 1858, on profession and was dismissed by letter to Prairie du Chien March 28, 1867. Ogden M. Ruggles was born in Broome Co., NY April 23, 1838. In 1854 he came to Ripon and attended school for 8 years, read law and practiced in MN. He enlisted in the 16th Wisconsin and served to the close of the Civil War. Then returned to Wisconsin and taught school, and while teaching at Prairie du Chien, married Elizabeth Kelso, moved to Iowa in 1869, living on a farm near Rockford, Iowa. In 1892, he moved into that place to reside and died there in Jan. 1907, survived by his widow and 8 children. Also by a brother E. D. Ruggles of LaCrosse, and two sisters: Mrs. O. B. Judd of Chicago, and Mrs Hector Dawes of Onawa, Iowa. He united with the Ripon Cong. Church, transferring to Prairie du Chien. He was a Mason and member of the G. A. R.

    1860 > WISCONSIN > FOND DU LAC > RIPON Series: M653 Roll: 1408 Page: 876 RUGGLES GARRY 62 M W NY WI FOND DU LAC RIPON 1860 Garry Ruggles, age 62, farmer, real estate value $4400, personal $450, born NY Ellen, age 24, born NY Eugene D., age 29, real estate value $3600, personal $113?, born NY Jane E., age 25, born NY Clara E., age 3, born NY Ogden M., age 22, born NY

    1870 > IOWA > FLOYD > ROCKFORD TWP Series: M593 Roll: 392 Page: 274 RUGGLES OGDEN M 32 M W NY IA FLOYD ROCKFORD TWP 1870 Dwelling # 80 Ogden M. Ruggles, age 32, farmer, real estate value $4300, personal $1000 Elizabeth, age 26, keep house, born NY Almira, age 3, born Wis Cora, age 7 months, born IA William Sutton, age 37, laborer, born England

    Rockford, Floyd, Iowa 1880 census: Ogden Ruggles..age 42...born NY....farmer Elizabeth A...wife....36..........NY Almira..........dau.......12..........WI Cora..............dau.......10..........WI Grace.............dau.......8............WI Robert............son.......5...........IA Helen..............dau.......2............IA William laborer

    1900 > IOWA > FLOYD > ROCKFORD TWP Series: T623 Roll: 431 Page: 209 RUGGLES OGDEN M 62 M W NY IA FLOYD ROCKFORD TWP 1900 Dwelling # 394 Ogden M. Ruggles, head, born Apr 1838, age 62, married 33 years, born NY Elizabeth A., wife, born Oct 1843, age 56, married 33 years, mother of 8 children, 8 living, born NY, Wallace S., son, born Mar 1882, age 18, born IA Stanley L., son, born Apr 1884 IA, age 16 Shelby, son, born Aug 1886 IA, age 13

    1910 > IOWA > FLOYD > ROCKFORD TWP Series: T624 Roll: 402 Page: 174 RUGGLES ELIZABETH A 66 F W NY IA FLOYD ROCKFORD TWP 1910 27 Spruce Street Elizabeth A. Ruggles, head, age 66, widowed, mother of 8 children, 8 living, born NY, parents born NY, own income Arminda E. Carpenter, aunt, age 82, widowed, mother of 1 child, 0 living, born NY, parents born NY, own income Marjorie Dowd, granddaughter, age 16, born IA, father ILL, mother WI

    1920 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Floyd > Rockford > District 118 Elizabeth A. Ruggles, head, owns home, age 76, widowed, born NY, parents born NY Armeda Carpenter, aunt, age 92, widowed, born NY, parents born NY

    Living next door to daughter Cora. 1930 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Floyd > Rockford > District 14 Elizabeth Ruggles, head, owns home valued at $1700, age 86, widowed, married at age 23, born NY, parents born NY

    Bio from the "History of Floyd County, Iowa - 1882" O. M. Ruggles O. M. Ruggles, one of the prominent citizens of Rockford Township, was born in Broome County, N. Y., April 23, 1838. When sixteen yers of age he left his native State and went to Fond du Lac, Wis.,where he resided eight years, attending school. He went to Minnesota where he read and practiced law two years, and in 1864 enlisted in the Sixteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war, engaging in many a hard-fought battle. He was with Sherman on his famous march to the sea, and was at the batle of Whippie Swamp, at the taking of Columbia, S. C., and at Raleigh, N. C., when peace was declared. After the close of the war he returned to Wisconsin, and taught school at Prairie du Chien four years. He was married in 1867 to Elizabeth Kelso, a native of Otsego County N. Y., born Oct. 7, 1872. The fruit of this marriage is six children - Almira, born Aug. 30, 1868: Cora, June 24, 1870; Grace, Feb. 7, 1872; Robert G., March 19, 1875; Helen, Nov. 11, 1878; and Wallace S., March 1, 1882. Mr. Ruggles owns a finely cultivated farm on sections 5, 7 and 8, Rockford Township, consisting of 215 acres. He is a Democrat in his political views, and has held the office of Township Trustee. He is a member of the Congregational church at Prairie du Chien.

    Iowa Old Press Iowa Recorder Greene, Butler, Iowa September 7, 1904 Butler County Veterans Hold Their 26th Annual Reunion at Greene. A Success in Every Way. There was a stir in the old town yesterday, the occasion being the 26th annual reunion of the veterans of Butler county. The day was perfect but it is thought perhaps the heavy rain the night before kept some from a distance from coming. However, there was a good sized crowd of old veterans and their friends here and we think all went home with a kindly feeling for their brethren of the Post here and the people of Greene in general. Headquarters were established in the alley next to the First State Bank, where Cols. A. Moss, C.V. McClure, and C.B. Weston, with Adjutant S.E.Connor were busy all the forenoon receiving and registering the visiting comrades. The following is the list of veterans registered: ROCKFORD, IOWA G.H. Benham, I 9 N.S. T.J. Taylor, F 20 Wis. O.M. Ruggles, A 16 Wis. L.H. Fellwock, K 35 Wis. E. Crewell, G 27 Iowa. A. McNally, D 17 Wis. S.W. Jeffery, I 25 Wis. L.M. Harris, K 7 Iowa.

    From: <> Subject: Ogden Ruggles - CW Veteran Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 07:39:32 -0500

    In remembrance on this Memorial Day:

    Ogden Marion Ruggles served as a Private in Co. A, 16th Regiment, Infantry, Wisconsin Volunteers. He enlisted on 19 September 1894 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and was discharged on 2 June 1865 in Washington, D.C. (Sources: Pension file at the National Archives, Washington, D.C., and the Civil War _16 Regiment_ volume in the Manuscripts Department at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin.)

    Ogden was a descendant of immigrant John Ruggles (son of Thomas) and his wife Barbara. Ogden was born on 23 April 1838 in Broome County, New York, to Garry Ruggles and Almira Humiston. Ogden's brother Eugene was my direct ancestor. Ogden married Elizabeth Kelso on 5 March 1867 in Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin. He died on 17 January 1907 in Floyd County, Iowa, and was buried on 20 January 1907 in Riverside Cemetery, Rockford Township, Floyd, Iowa.

    Ellen Piehl Seymour, Wisconsin

  •   Noted events in his life were:
  • Occupation: Farmer.
  • Ogden married Elizabeth A. KELSO in 1867. (Elizabeth A. KELSO was born on 7 Oct 1843 in Otsego County, New York, died in 1933 and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Rockford, Floyd, Iowa.)
  • Born: 21 Sep 1797, New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA
  • Marriage: Almira HUMISTON
  • Died: 13 Dec 1874, Charles City, Floyd, Iowa at age 77
  • Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Iowa
  • Spouses/Children:
    • Almira HUMISTON
    • Amory A. RUGGLES - Died: 15 Dec 1831 / Buried: Cole's Hill Cemetery, Broome County, New York
    • Flora E. RUGGLES - Born: 27 Nov 1828 / Died: 4 Nov 1850 at age 21
    • Eugene Dewitt RUGGLES+
    • Jane A. Akd Jennie RUGGLES+
    • Unnamed RUGGLES
    • Ellen Josephine RUGGLES+
    • Ogden M. RUGGLES+
    • Delia A. RUGGLES
  •   General Notes:
  • All information for this branch is from Phyllis Long
  •   Research Notes:
  • 1830 United States Federal Census > New York > Broome > Colesville 1 male and 3 female

    1840 United States Federal Census > New York > Broome > Chenango 4 male and 4 female

    Chenango, Broome, New York 1850 census: Garry Ruggles..........53.........farmer, real estate value $6000, born New York Almira Ruggles.........47..........NY Flora E. Ruggles........20..........NY Eugene Ruggles..........19.........NY Jane A. Ruggles.........17.........NY Ellen J. Ruggles.........14...........NY Ogden M...................12..........NY Delia A......................9.............NY

    1860 > WISCONSIN > FOND DU LAC > RIPON Series: M653 Roll: 1408 Page: 876 RUGGLES GARRY 62 M W NY WI FOND DU LAC RIPON 1860 Garry Ruggles, age 62, farmer, real estate value $4400, personal $450, born NY Ellen, age 24, born NY Eugene D., age 29, real estate value $3600, personal $113?, born NY Jane E., age 25, born NY Clara E., age 3, born NY Ogden M., age 22, born NY

    The map of 1861 shows the SW half of Section 9 in the twp of Ripon, in the names of E. Ruggles (72 acres) and G. Ruggles (88 acres).

    1870 > IOWA > FLOYD > ST CHARLES TWP Series: M593 Roll: 392 Page: 310 RUGGLES EUGUNE 37 M W NY IA FLOYD ST CHARLES TWP 1870 Dwelling # 195 Eugune Ruggles, age 37, farmer, real estate value $13,200, personal $1000, born NY Jan E., age 32, keep house born NY Clare E., age 12, born NY Emmie A., age 10, born WI Harmoney, age 3 or 8, born WI Garry, age 72, without occu., born CT

    These are WPA cemetery records for Floyd Co., Iowa: Ruggles, Carrie, Sept. 21, 1797 Dec. 13, 1874; Riverside Cem., St. Charles Twp. (The dates for "Carrie" are the same dates that I have for Garry Ruggles.)

    Ruggles, Elizabeth A., 1843-1933; Riverside Cem., Rockford Twp.

    Ruggles, Eugene D., 1831-Apr. 17, 1910; Riverside Cem., Charles City

    Ruggles, Geo., age 77, died Dec. 17, 1874; Riverside Cem., Charles City

    Ruggles, Jane E., 1836-1930; Riverside Cem., St. Charles Twp.

    Ruggles, Myrtle P., 1892-1924; Riverside Cem., Rockford Twp.

    Ruggles, Ogden, Apr. 23, 1838 Jan. 7, 1907; Riverside Cem., Rockford Twp. G.A.R.

  • Garry married Almira HUMISTON, daughter of Elisha HUMISTON and Elizabeth HARTSHORN. (Almira HUMISTON was born about 1803 in Broome Co., New York 1983 and died on 21 Sep 1855 in New York.
Eugene Dewitt RUGGLES
  • Born: 17 Apr 1831, Colesville, Broome, New York
  • Marriage: Jane Eliza SMITH on 11 Jun 1856
  • Died: 17 Apr 1910, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin at age 79
  • Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Iowa
  • Spouses/Children:
  • General Notes:
  • All information for this branch is from Phyllis Long
  •   Research Notes:
  • Notes from Ellen: Eugene and Jane lived at Ripon, Wisconsin for 12 years and then settled at Charles City, Iowa, living there in 1876. They were members of the M. E. Church. By 1900, they had gone back to LaCrosse Co., Wisconsin. and died there.

    Floyd Co., Iowa genweb has the following listing: Ruggles, Eugene D., 1831-Apr. 17, 1910; Riverside Cem., Charles City

    1860 > WISCONSIN > FOND DU LAC > RIPON Series: M653 Roll: 1408 Page: 876 RUGGLES GARRY 62 M W NY WI FOND DU LAC RIPON 1860 Garry Ruggles, age 62, farmer, real estate value $4400, personal $450, born NY Ellen, age 24, born NY Eugene D., age 29, real estate value $3600, personal $113?, born NY Jane E., age 25, born NY Clara E., age 3, born NY Ogden M., age 22, born NY

    The map of 1861 shows the SW half of Section 9 in the twp of Ripon, in the names of E. Ruggles (72 acres) and G. Ruggles (88 acres).

    1870 > IOWA > FLOYD > ST CHARLES TWP Series: M593 Roll: 392 Page: 310 RUGGLES EUGUNE 37 M W NY IA FLOYD ST CHARLES TWP 1870 Dwelling # 195 Eugune Ruggles, age 37, farmer, real estate value $13,200, personal $1000, born NY Jan E., age 32, keep house born NY Clare E., age 12, born NY Emmie A., age 10, born WI Harmoney, age 3 or 8, born WI Garry, age 72, without occu., born CT

    1880 St Charles, Floyd, Iowa census: Eugene Ruggles...age 48...born NY....farmer Jane..........................45............NY Emma A...................19............WI Harmony..................13............WI T. Eddie....................2..............IA

    1900 > WISCONSIN > LA CROSSE > 14-WD LA CROSSE Series: T623 Roll: 1795 Page: 78 RUGGLES EUGENE 69 M W NY WI LA CROSSE 14-WD LA CROSSE 1900 224 13th Street Eugene Ruggles, head, born Nov 1832, age 68, married 44 years, born NY, father CT, mother NY Jane E., wife, born 1836, age 64, married 44 years, mother of 11? children, 3 living, born NY, father Canada, mother NY ?????? E.(Teddie?), son, born May 1878 IA, age 22, parents born NY

    1910 United States Federal Census > Wisconsin > La Crosse > La Crosse Ward 14 > District 111 Eugene Ruggles, head, age 77, married once 53 years, born NY, father born CT, mother NY Jane E., wife, age 74, married once 53 years, born NY, father born Canada, mother NY
  •   Noted events in his life were:
  • Occupation: Farmer.
  • Eugene married Jane Eliza SMITH on 11 Jun 1856. (Jane Eliza SMITH was born on 7 Apr 1836 in Portville, Cattaraugus, New York, died on 2 Apr 1930 in La Crosse, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Iowa.)

Nellie Ruggles' Nashville Star.... Her Daughter Roberta "Bobbi Kaye" Owens-Hogan

 I love my Aunt Bobby! She is such an awesome and exciting person to be around. Such a huge part of my childhood, she always impressed on me to take care of my skin. I was born in 1963 and was four months in to my fifth year of life when Aunt Bobby was signed by Nugget. When her music came out I remember Mom playing her recordings for hours.

 "We Got Love" is one of my favorite of the 10 songs she recorded. Of the five singles that were released, I've only managed to find via the internet and purchase three of them for my family's heritage memorabilia.

These are the songs that my Aunt Bobby recorded.
  1. Ruby's Stool
  2. Please Don't Let Me Want Him
  3. Fringe's of My Life
  4. Since You've Been Gone
  5. We Got Love - 1969
  6. Stolen Moments - 1970
  7. Between Each Tear - 1970
  8. It Don't Take A Fool
  9. Time Take Another Day Away
  10. Decline And Fall of Me
Here is Lloyd Greene's website where he lists all the people he's recorded with. He has sound clip recordings playing steel guitar on Aunt Bobby's songs "BETWEEN EACH TEAR" and "STOLEN MOMENTS" both released as singles in 1970.

You can also listen to  "Please Don't Let Me Want Him" and "Stolen Moments" at MISTERHONKYTONK and Armadillo Killer on Youtube.

Growing up in a musical family, having a father so musically talented himself, Aunt Bobby is just one of the siblings who learned to play and pass her talent on to her sons. Her brothers Lloyd and Lewis Buerl "Curly" also played instruments. Uncle Curly and his third wife also had a band.
Aunt Donna Vee and Uncle Curly - Sitting with guitar.

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The Life of Dr. Charles A. Ruggles

James Asbury Ruggles, the name Charles was born with is not the name he chose to go by. It made the family unsure if this "Dr. Charles" or "Modoc Charlie" was indeed our James Asbury Ruggles. It appears that is he is and his life story is one helps to document the stories we have been told of our Native American Ancestry. The timeline on this man is extensive. Contact me if you would like a PDF of this Timeline.

   James Asbury “Modoc Charlie” Ruggles Dr.
a.      Birth 25 May 1854 in Jefferson, Iowa
b.      Death 24 Nov 1931 in Stafford, Kansas
c.       Married: 12 March 1875 in Lancaster, Keokuk, Iowa
Sarah Elizabeth Teller
Birth June 1857 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa
Death 02 March 1929 in Freedom, Woods County, OK
·         Carrie Alice Ruggles
Birth 5 Feb 1877 in Near Sigourney, on home place, Keokuk County, Iowa
Death 31 March 1954 in Alva Woods County, Oklahoma
·         Charles B. Ruggles
Birth 22 Apr 1880 in Davis Henry, Missouri
Death 25 Sept 1962 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
·         May Ruggles
Birth Dec 1881 in Louisville, KY
Death 20 June 1947 in Sylvia, Kansas
d.      Married: 10 May 1908
Elizabeth Marie Eggebrecht
Birth 1881
Death 1965
Adopted a daughter, Virginia


Charles was 16 years old when he took off on his own, hired to be a cattle drover and crossed the plains to California at the ages of 17 and 18 years old. He crossed the plains into California, became friends with Buffalo Bill Cody and tried to help stop a war during 1872 and 1873 where he was given the nickname of "Modoc Charlie".

In 1874 Charles returned to Iowa and he married his first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Teller of Sigourney, Iowa on March 12, 1874. Other sources say they married in 1875. Charles and Sarah had three children together.

Carrie Alice Ruggles
Birth: 5 Feb 1877 in Near Sigourney, on home place, Keokuk County, Iowa
Death: 31 March 1954 in Alva Woods County, Oklahoma
Charles B. Ruggles
1880 US Census Records dated 16 June show Charles is 2 months old.
Birth: 22 Apr 1880 in Davis Henry, Missouri
Death: 25 Sept 1962 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
Married: Susan Jane McVey
·         Oren Ruggles
Birth: 1902 in Kansas
Death: 1918 in Tennessee

·         Gilber A. “Gid” Ruggles
Birth: 30 Jul 1905 in Stafford, Kansas
Death: 5 Jan 2000 in Yuma, Arizona

May Ruggles - Birth: Dec 1881 in Louisville, KY
·        Death: 20 June 1947 in Sylvia, Kansas 
·        Married: Joseph J. Thompson or Joseph Wilson

·       In 1878 Charles moved to Comanche County, Kansas helping to organize the county.

·         In the 1880 US Census Records for James Asbury Ruggles, he is calling himself by the name of “Charles”. Charles and Sarah, going by the name of “Elizabeth” are living in Davis Henry Township in Missouri with two children, Carrie and Charles B.

·         Between the 1880 and the 1900 US Census Records, the family is traveling and Charles is educating himself to become a Medical Doctor. (See the Medical and Historical Documentation on Charles)

·         During 1881, according to an article being written up about Charles, it states that he spent several months in Phoenix, Arizona, lived three years in Old Mexico and for five years he practice medicine in San Francisco, California as well as in Utah, Washington and Idaho.

·         In 1896, Charles would move his family to Stafford County, Stafford, Kansas and set up practice. He would establish a School of Magnetic Healing, a Sanitarium and become the Medical Examiner for Stafford, Kansas.

·         In 1872 – 1873 he helped to suppress the uprising of the Modoc Indians in California.

1880 Census for Charles Asbury Ruggles



Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. [Revised ed.] Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1919, c1918. 5 v. (xlviii, 2530 p., [155] leaves of plates): ill., maps (some fold.), ports.; 27 cm. Page 2372.
Found this E-book you can download as a PDF of our Dr. Charles A Ruggles and the Kansas Medical Board taking issue of his medical practices. Very interesting. They thought him to be a "Quake" because he practiced not as they desired him to. (Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 53, Part 2 / Medical News: page 1406-1407.)

On March 13, 1906, Charles Asbury Ruggles and a woman by the name of “Lizzie”, the wife of Charles Ruggles sign a Post-Nuptial Agreement. “Lizzie” is Sarah Elizabeth Teller-Ruggles. This document is the agreement for separation and dividing up of properties.
Charles Ruggles and Sarah Elizabeth Teller married in Iowa in 1874 – 1875. In 1900 Sarah is with Charles, their son Charles B. Ruggles and daughter Carrie, all part of the “Dr. Ruggles School of Magnetic Healing”. On October 16, 1907 Charles, who is living and working in Stafford, Kansas file for divorce. It seems that Sarah Elizabeth Ruggles, not happy with her life or marriage or both, leaves Charles.
In the request for divorce, Charles declares, “that he has been a resident in good faith of the State of Kansas for one year next preceding the filing of the petition herein…” Sarah is said to have abandoned the marriage and did not appear at the District Court of Stafford County, of Kansas. Charles, the plaintiff, is granted his petition.

Sarah Elizabeth Teller:
·         Birth: June 1857 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa
·         Death: 02 March 1929 in Freedom, Woods County, Oklahoma
Sarah Elizabeth Teller of Sigourney, Iowa married Charles Asbury Ruggles on March 12, 1874. Second sources give year as 1875.
Three children born to Sarah and Charles:
·         Carrie Ruggles
·         Charles B. Ruggles
·         May Ruggles
Separation Agreement: 13 March 1906
Divorce Granted: 16 October 1907
Charles and Sarah Separate
Charles and Sarah Divorce
The Ruggles Sanitarium Burns
Charles becomes the local Medical Examiner
News Article on Charles Ruggles
City License
Charles Ruggles home in Stafford, Kansas
Hanging out at the Farmers Bank Office
with Ed Stewart the cashier in the middle
Frank Hornbaker on the left and
Dr. Charles Asbury Ruggles
Charles A. Ruggles 1854 - 1931
Elizabeth Marie Eggebrecht 1881 - 1965

Wife #2. "Lizzie" Adelheid Elise Marie Eggebrecht / m. 5/10/1908
Kids: adopted a girl in 1921 named Virginia.
Second Wedding Announcement
DR. Ruggles is Gone
Charles Asbury Ruggles Obituary
Another Obituary
Charles and Elizabeth Ruggles Headstone